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It’sbeensaidthatfailureisourworst fear!!! Areyouconsumedwiththefear of failure because you fear that failing will result in losing control of “you”?
In our digitally obsessed culture, we’re constantly bombarded by messages telling us how inadequate we are. Whether we’re told by advertisers that we’re not thin enough, attractive enough, or cool enough or we feel surrounded by social media sites showing how much better everyone else’s life is.
Many of us experience fear ultimately feeling like a failure... becoming unhappy with ourselves and our lives. We feel anxiety that our lives don’t look the way we want yet we’re paralyzed by fear that keeps us from making the change we so desire. The magnitude and impact of facing fear and failure can be overwhelming resulting in debilitating self-doubt so howdowestopfearfromstoppingus?
Let’s focus on two solutions. First, we must reclaim courage, confidence and convictionwhichwillsupportusaswe strive to build a positive life and embracetheverythingsthathavebeen obstaclestoourhappiness. Second,we must own our Fear...which is taking a stand to “fear no more”.
Some common types of fear are fear of heights, flying, spiders, snakes, injections or needles, but the most common and recognizable ones are fear of social settings and public speaking. Some people never enjoy life to the fullest because they fear social settings terrifying themselves, while others see the social setting as fuel to perpetuate growth and networking. Public speaking on the other hand has hampered the growth of brilliant individuals who can’t seem to get the words out.
Some basic fears that impact us at birth requires diligence, commitment and dedication to move beyond and are referred to as identification fear. They include but are not limited to rejection, limitations imposed by others, and simplynotmeasuringup.
Fear can have a negative and/or positive impact. To ensure we can face ourfearsandidentifyitsimpactwhether positiveornegative,wemust1).reclaim ourcourage,confidenceandconviction andwemust2).ownourfear. Wecan reclaim courage confidence and conviction by embracing what has held us back causing fear to rise its ugly head andowningyourfearissimplytakinga stand to fear no more!
Commit to facing your fears instead of running from them and you will not only minimize fear but position yourself to face and overcome what you thought were insurmountable challenges. Through this refining process, we become clearer about our goals in life and become emotionally stronger and better equipped to handle whatever life sends our way.
You can stop fear from stopping you!!

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