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  Tanya considers herself a POWERHOUSE because of her determination to finish what she started. She does not allow the opinions of others to affect what she actually chooses to do. What gives Tanya her strength is knowing that she is not the only one who has experienced the trials and tribulations of life, but she wants to reassure others and let them know that they too will be ok and they too can make it to the other side. So truthfully, she feels her strength comes from knowing she can be strong for others who may not have the courage to be strong for themselves at that moment.
“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, but it’s about learning how to dance in the rain!” - Author Unknown
From the lips of Tanya Moss, the Boss, a true “survivor”, she wants her readers to remember 3 things:
1. Never let anyone else’s opinion of them affect what they choose to do;
2. No matter what you experienced in life, if you write about it, there is someone out there that can benefit from you sharing your story;
3. Lastly, do not be afraid to share your story with the world, you are not alone.
Tanya is currently doing book signing, speaking engagements, and working on a book with her husband that is going to be geared towards their children and will help parents everywhere to give their children great advice.
LIVE. LOVE. LEARN. is available now on her website at Tanya Moss can also be contacted on Facebook at “Author Tee Marie” and on Instagram at “t24marie”.
“Do not be afraid to share your story with the world, you are
not alone.” - Tanya Moss

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