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  A Glimpse inside the life and work of author Tanya Moss
By: Cecile Anthony Bryan
“Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know before you learned it!” - Maya Angelou
Tanya Moss, best known as “Author Tee Marie”, was born in the South Bronx, New York and currently resides in Hampton, Georgia. Like most kids, Tanya too was a dreamer. She used to dream about the things that consumed her mind throughout the day and/or different life experiences that she went through and tried to figure out, how can she make a difference and/or a change. Tanya can remember that her dreams would invade her sleep and when she woke up, she had a new vision and a different aspect.
Tanya was inspired to start writing, because it was a childhood passion of hers that she let slip away. At a young age, Tanya recalls writing her first book/short story in the 6th grade. While in high school, she stumbled across her work and thinking to herself “I’m impressed!” Tanya was raised during the time of letter writing and because of moving to two different states, she wrote to friends and family pretty often. Her passion for writing was reignited when she realized she had so many thoughts in her head and no place to keep it, so she started jotting down her thoughts, her dreams, her visions and her life events.
Her current book “LIVE. LOVE. LEARN.” is a true representation of marriage and the devastating effects of infidelity. Tanya opened up her life and her own personal experience and created a platform through literature for people across the globe to relate to. With the help of Jasmine Womack from a Georgia publishing company, P31 Publishing, her book was born and her life was now public. The book takes you through self- love and how to rebuild and maintain relationships. Her book is based on true-life events with a twist.
“LIVE. LOVE. LEARN. A walk through infidelity, love and acceptance.”
By Tee Marie

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