Page 35 - May 2019 Featuring Brooklyn Tankard
P. 35

 money.” We have lost many youths to the streets because of this fake love, lies, and non-loyalty. Before they show our youths how to grow, they blind them by what they do not know.
THESE STREETS DON’T LOVE YOU because if they did, they would build real friendships; show real love; stop telling lies and value the true meaning of loyalty.
THESE STREETS DON’T LOVE YOU, or they would not eat you up and spit you out alive. It’s a cold world we live in and if you have never experienced the Coldest Winter Ever, then you will get lost in a world, on a street, by a corner, that smiles in your face and stabs you in the back.
THESE STREETS DON’T LOVE YOU, I am telling you because I may not know you, but I genuinely care about you. I want the statistics numbers to drop and if you fall, it is because you fell to your knees in prayer and/or to ask for forgiveness. I don’t want you to lose your soul, because I know what these streets hold, but if you don’t learn anything else from me, know that THESE STREETS DON’T LOVE YOU!!

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