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 relationship/marriage and the people in your circle are also involved, but they do not respect what they have, then they will not ensure you do the same. If they not happy, then why should you be! They will always point out the big but, the girl/guy who has a lot of community service under their belt (gets around) and/or the person who you think you should talk to. People do not value relationships/marriages like they used to. Back in the day, the things you did in the street would never come to your home. Today’s society does not care, nor do they carry the same values. Their level of boldness as to showing up where your mate is, calling all hours of the night (just because they know your dumbass will answer) and/or knowing you with your mate, text you silly, disrespectful stuff, because they know you are easily tempted. People only want you because
of you being with someone, not because they care. Love is seeing past the person faults, like is seeing all their faults. Fall in love with your mate, so you spend fewer times in these streets with people who don’t genuinely care about you.
What people do not understand is when others smell vulnerability, not everyone pities you. Some people use that to their advantage. They use your sense of weakness to control you. Such as young boys (no father figure), who turn to the streets and they see how much alleged love they getting in and how so and so is willing to buy them new sneakers for dropping off a package or they hustle young man to sell a few things, because if they get picked up, they won’t do the same time, if any, as the adult convincing him about this “quick

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