Page 33 - May 2019 Featuring Brooklyn Tankard
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Those words are as potent as they can come “THESE STREETS DON’T LOVE YOU!” These streets are filled with nothing but fake friends, fake love, lies, loyalty and the lack of respect for you and/or your spouse/mate. Something that people need to remember is “while hugging the block, is the block hugging you back?” Respect over love does not always equal love. Especially when they see you are easily swayed due to an insecurity and/or vulnerability. Below I give explanations of the lack of love in these streets:
It is too easy to call people “friends” when they should be labeled as “Associates”. Not everyone around you has your best interest at heart, especially when they don’t mean you any good. Sometimes people like your company because you
are easy to be around. When you are funny and/ or willing to flip a bill for food and/or drinks, hey let’s hang with him. Sometimes they are in these streets getting into trouble and/or misery, they want company. When hanging around people, be your own person. Be conscious of the people around you and the events they try to get you to entertain. If you know you have something good going on for you, like a great career, be mindful of the company you keep. A fake friend will allow you to make mistakes, a real friend would stop you from making a mistake.
Only a fool chances risking what he has for something he wants. This goes for both men and women. Again, you have to be aware of the company you keep. If you are in a good

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