Page 32 - May 2019 Featuring Brooklyn Tankard
P. 32

 alone being a real man. Not one you saw in movies, nor one you heard about in the love songs, but one who was real to the eye and the touch. The pressure was too much, so he cheated. She thought it was a defamation of who she is, but she soon saw it was a blueprint for who he was. Had nothing to do with her, because she did everything possible to make him happy, but when you do not enjoy your own company and you do not learn how to love yourself first, you tend to look for love in all the wrong places and sometimes happiness will never come, even when standing in your face. She knew it had nothing to do with her being a homebody and him being a street person, it was an insecurity in him that he never dealt with that made him feel like he was not needed by one, but wanted by everyone. That happens when you have bounced around from place to place and never settled. That man was still a boy looking to be loved. That boy was still fighting to become a man in a world that will chew you up and spit you out with no regards. That woman still exists and that man is still surviving, but no longer as an
Onset or an Offset, but now an Onset. Through faith she made his house a home, his lust turns to love, his void full and his groceries into dinner. So for all you hopeless romantics, sometimes when you see something good in someone, but that person was dealt a bad hand as a child, have faith and God will show you the way.

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