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— Cecile Anthony Bryan
Let me clarify, when I refer to “Offset”, I am not referring to the rapper, but the man who is still a boy a/k/a “Offset!” When a boy becomes a man and is ready to be a man, then he is Onset. When a boy is old enough to be a man, but still has not grown up and is ready for the responsibilities, he therefore, is considered an “Offset.” Let’s go back in life and try to analyze the “Offset.” Here we have a boy who was born into a situation that neither he nor his parents were ready for. Unfortunately, at a young age, he did not have much choice. His parents and/or his mother had choices but chose to bring this baby in the world, although not ready for adulthood. Babies having babies. A cycle that can be broken, but a lot of society choose not to break. Growing up, this boy is not taught by the people in his home, he is schooled by the people in the street. He is not raised by the person who births him, he was guided by the neighbor or maybe a grandmother. 9 out of 10, his father did not bother, and on occasion, neither did his mother. In return of being born, but not being loved, he grows up not knowing
how to love. He grows up not knowing how to be a man, but instead a boy who has to raise himself. Grateful for a Godmother and a Grandmother who took him in, but that was usually after being unattended by his mother and ignored by his father, that he sought refuge in the home of others. Raised being told he was cute, but not shown how to be a fine young man, he grows up to ignore his inner beauty, but focus on the looks outside that everyone adored. He tends to have multiple women, because since he did not know love, he thought he could find it in many, instead of looking for it in one. This boy has now entered manhood, but not given the rules to survive, how to love and to combine his street smarts with book smarts, he uses hoodnology to get by and to make it. Sure he stands tall and dominating, but inside this man is still a boy wondering where his mother was and why for some time he did not even know who his father was. After several bad relationships, uncountable one-night stands, he meets his match in a woman who was not like what he was accustom
to. Something about her stood out and made him take notice. He wooed her with his charm, she was not impressed. He tried to take her to dinner, she instead offered to pay. Now the Offset is challenged but knew he would not get anywhere with this woman until he decided to become an Onset and an Asset. She had been through enough liabilities, enough broken hearts to share with the world and definitely not looking to be with a street guy, show her something else. This boy said I will be the man she needs but he did not understand the difference between Offset and Onset. He thought because he was on the scene and she went out with him on a few occasions, he was Onset. Yet, this woman realized his moves and his scenes were meaningless and said nope, you are still Offset. Over time, she showed him what the world had to offer, how to love and be loved, how to share and not always have to give and he soon realized that he was ready to be Onset. Little did he know the responsibilities of being with a real woman and the responsibilities of being in a real relationship, let

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