Page 30 - May 2019 Featuring Brooklyn Tankard
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 and the sunshine with the same smile because I have trust in my creator and choose to manage my emotions and thoughts. Being mindful to have loving thoughts towards myself and others even when situations make it difficult.
What type of legacy do you wish to leave?
That I provoked millions around the world to Love God, their self and others unconditionally . That I activated millions of people to walk in their purpose with boldness and confidence.
What is the one dream for yourself you most look forward to having
come true?
Seeing my daughter grown up to be the Queen she was created to be. Traveling around the entire world experiencing culture and nature while walking in my purpose. I also would like to become a Billionaire and do lots of philanthropy work with the funds to make the world a better place.
I am excited about producing The I AM FREE Concert & Convo Tour which is traveling to over 20 Colleges and Institutions in 2019 helping people to be FREE & providing solutions to violence. God gave me the I AM FREE tour and movement as a way to use my gifts and create a platform for influencers to join me in the mission to help people be FREE . The ‘F’ in Free Means Free Thinkers Against Violence, ‘R’ stands for Radical Agents of Change, ‘E’ for Empowering Community Through Unity, and ‘E’ for Evolving To The Highest Version of Self. “
For More Information about the I AM FREE Tour Please Contact | #IAMFREETOUR

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