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 What was life like growing up for you? What kind of family did you grow up in?
I grew up in a single parent home with my mom, younger sister and brother. My mom was a very God fearing woman and she took us to church faithfully and talk to us about God often. We didn't have lots of money and my mom was a hard workers She struggling to raise 3 kids while battling with depression. We would visit my father who was a traveling gospel-jazz musician and man of bold faith. He lived in really nice neighborhoods but his cars were repossessed often. So as a child I experienced poverty but also got to experience a glimpse of what people consider success. As a child I experienced sexual, physical and psychological abuse from my step-brother and step-mom...This was my big secret and I was so ashamed and scared to tell. I was very insecure and broken. I began looking for love in the wrong places, got pregnant at 14 years old and moved out. Life was hard as a teenage mom and I got lost in the streets. Even though I lost my sense of self-love and value I always knew God had a bigger plan for my life. I knew he had great plans for me but I didn't know exactly what or how it would happen.
How old were you when you knew this was your calling and what you were going to do for the rest of your life?
I've been a praise & worshipper since 2 years old. In the 3rd grade I started writing poetry and reading my bible diligently. I sung in the
church choir, classical community choir at Belmont University, a gospel community choir and all around the house as far back as I can remember. I didn't realize that singing, speaking and writing were my calling yet. I just knew I was called to change the world and that I loved God, music, writing and seeing people happy. In college I took a public speaking class, it was then that I realized I had a true calling to speak. At the age of 25, after overcoming more tribulations and finding my value again I realized that I was also called to create music to heal the soul.

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