Page 25 - May 2019 Featuring Brooklyn Tankard
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  Brooklyn Tankard, artistically known as “Queen Brooklyn”, is a woman of many hats including Bravo TV reality star, singer, empowerment speaker, life coach, serial CEO, and event and TV producer! The eldest daughter of world-renowned, platinum Gospel- Jazz artist and pastor Ben Tankard, she is definitely carrying on the torch of empowerment, philanthropy and the arts. Brooklyn quickly became the breakout star of her family's hit reality TV show, “Thicker Than Water”, garnering the attention of 2 million viewers as fans fell in love with her fierce ambition, transparency, passion to serve people and hilarious personality! A very impressive accomplishment for a young woman who was violently abused, raped, became addicted to drugs and dropped out of College. She later returned to college, received her business degree, started successful businesses and secured the production deal for her family’s reality show. The process of going through this valley to mountain top
experience allowed Brooklyn to learn how to overcome the effects of violence, challenge limiting beliefs, identify real solutions to stop the negative cycle in her life and to discover her deeper purpose -- which is to serve the world by utilizing her gifts of singing, speaking and producing to create experiences that empower others to thrive in their purpose and to provide solutions to violence. Watch This Video About Queen Brooklyn Tankard

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