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  sideways. I am not for everyone and that is ok. The beauty of this life is that it is filled with choices. We choose our business partners and practices. We choose how we do business, when and with whom. I am now learning (the hard way I might add), that the gift of no thank you to a prospective client is the biggest gift you can give to yourself; because in saying yes to the wrong one, you will find yourself in the world of doing GOOD DEEDS for those who end up PUNISHING YOU in the long run. Sometimes saying NO TO THE DEAL, NO TO THE CLIENT, NO TO THE PROSPECT, is really saying YES to your PEACE OF MIND, YES to your TIME, YES to your VALUE, and YES to TIME WELL SPENT, and headaches you will never have to worry about having. So next time you try to make concessions, try to give someone a good deal, or discount your business services in the name of a relationship or referral, remember that GOOD DEED in trying to help someone, may just end up hurting someone else....

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