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 readwheresomeonesay,“youonlyliveonce.” Theresponsefromtheotherpersoniswhatkeptme WOKE. The response to that was “Wrong, you only die once, but you live every day!” Life is precious and life is short, so remember while you sit feeling sorry for yourself and/or not taking advantage of your good and bad days, there are people wishing they were still here on earth. Every day will not be sunshine, but every day you will get lemonades. On the good days, make lemonade and on the hard days, add a splash of lemon to a shot of tequila and keep it moving.
Remember, “life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain!”
FREE – Give charity your bags and tell them no pity party here. Too many times we tend to walk around with extra baggage of stuff we do not need. Those bags weigh us down and slow us down. Take a second and go through that bag and see what is in that bag you no longer need. Start giving that stuff away. Start ripping up the stuff that holds too many memories, but whatever you do, do not put none of those items you remove from the bag on a shelf. When you empty the bag and you still feel yourself captive, then maybe your next choice is to heck, get rid of the bag. Let go of those people and those things that are not allowing you to grow. Be mindful of the people that you sit with. Be mindful of the company you keep and most importantly, be mindful of the ones weighing you down. Never feel guilty of spoon-feeding people from a distance, if that is what it takes to feel better and free.
Remember, “never make someone a priority, when you are only an option!”
It's time to set yourself free!
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Cecile Anthony-Bryan Senior Staff Editor

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