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Every one of us has certain aspects of life that don’t work. You may have a painful relationship or have trouble paying your bills. Let’s focus on recreating you! No, we are not looking to perfect you, just help you change some things in your life to reignite your love of life.
When you let things hinder and/or take control of your life and your happiness, it tends to make life less enjoyable. Take a stand and no longer shall we let things accumulate. As we do spring cleaning with our homes, I also recommend you do some spring cleaning of your life.
Now it’s time to handle these items. It’s time to end the suffering and take charge of your life. It’s time to haveyourlifebeasgreatasitcanbe. Thefirststepisnolongerbeingdependentonothersandstarting “THE CLEAN UP” process. Next, make a list of everything in your life that isn’t working. Be as specific as possible. List the big items and then the small ones. If you miss a certain person in your life, who you may not have spoken to in some time, add their names to the list. People are also part of “THE CLEAN UP PROCESS.” Fixing relationships with others and/or letting go of toxic people who mean you no good are all part of the plan.
The decision to make a change has been decided. The list has been made. It’s time to set yourself free. Theopportunityisnow! Donotdelayanyfurther,starttodayincleaningupyourlife. Learntoliveinthe experience of love and learn to cope and get through the pain of life with hopes that it makes you a better person. When you choose to clean your life up, you find yourself in a place where you are 3 things:
2) ALIVE; and
3) FREE. Below I focus on those three (3) topics that tend to hinder people from living their best life.
HAPPY - Let’s get you back to you and living with no more regrets. Know that God did not bring you to it, just to let you sit there and wallow. He brought you through it to see that with struggle comes strength. Happiness starts from within, not from others. Take charge and start cleaning up your inner self and making room only for those who mean you well. No longer will you allow someone to rent space in your head and/or heart for free. Today, wake up and say: “I LOVE YOU, BUT I LOVE ME MORE!” Be proud of the person that you see in the mirror. The one you wake up to. Take a moment to sit and reminisce on the things that excite you and make you happy and let’s get those things back in your life.
Remember, “don’t let your happenings control your happiness!”
ALIVE – Giving you a reason to get up and live. Sometimes along our journeys of life, we tend to allow thingsand/orpeopletohurtoursouland/orkillourspirit. Wetendtogivepeoplethecontrolofwhatwe should or could be doing and how we should cope, when those people are going on with their lives. Recently I

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