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When you multiply your wardrobe you also create money saving options. Finding new ways to wear current items, in your closet or buying a few accessories to create an entirely new look will help you maximize your current wardrobe instead of purchasing an all new outfit! A new blouse or a belt with an updated hair style can give those pants that you usually wear with a sweater and heels a whole new look; then you’ve found ways to multiply and maximize what you already own! Blazers have a second life when you pair them with jeans or a dress. Always review your current pieces before shopping, for new clothes. You may find something shopping that goes with a item currently, in your closet that you never expected. Having a refresher in your mind before you shop can keep ideas moving in your head, that may help items you never dreamed possibly come to life.


One of my favorite shows in High School was the soap opera All My Children (don’t judge). Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) was a master at maximizing her wardrobe (okay it was probably the wardrobe person); but here it was she’s a celebrity playing a celebrity and several times they would show her, in the same dress. One of my favorites was a white shift dress that had a complex woven pattern. She wore that dress at least 6 different ways. I know, because I loved it so much. Sometimes with heels, sometimes with flats or sandals; sometimes with hair up and belted other times down and messy. I remember she also wore that white dress, with a boyfriend jacket, a more intricate hair style and eye-catching shoes. It was worn well and in many different ways. Now if Erica Kane can figure it out, you have no excuses! 

Happy Multi-Life! ❤

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